Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Lion and the Sheep

Mindfulness naturally leads to self-examination; examination of who is doing the mindfulness in the first place.  The following story may help to illustrate the realization that can take place. 

A lion cub accidentally strayed away from its mother, and ended up with a flock of sheep.  The lion cub grew up with the other sheep, ate what the other sheep ate and behaved like them too.  As the lion grew up he continued to behave in the same way, frightened of the subtlest sounds.  However, something just didn't feel right.  One day, he looked into a still pool of water and saw a beautifully clear reflection of himself.  He was a lion, not a sheep.  Because he'd believed himself to be like the other sheep, he behaved and thought like one.  Now, he saw who he truly was, everything changed, and yet he was just the same as he always was.  He returned to his pride and lived according to his true nature.


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