Sunday, February 19, 2012

Attributes of Awareness

a.  You are not your body.
b.  You are not your thoughts.
c.  You are not your emotions.


You are always aware.  Sometimes that awareness is lost in thoughts and dreams, sometimes it's connected with the senses.

Awareness happens by itself.  Awareness is different to attention.  Attention or minful awareness is something to be cultivated and trained.  Pure awareness is your inner self.  To be aware takes no effort.  You don't need to do awareness.  Awareness is effortlessly operating right now as you read.  You can't turn off or run away from awareness.

Awareness comes before thought.  As a baby, you had awareness without words and ideas.  Thoughts and concepts come after awareness.

As awareness, you're both 'no-thing' and everything.  Without awareness, nothing would exist for you.  With awareness, you're a part of everything.

Examine and explore these ideas for yourself.  As Socrates said, 'The unexamined life is not worth living'.  I have found that looking deeper into my identity to be completely transformative and liberating- mindful self-discovery is the ultimate therapy!

The story of the Stonemason
Once upon a time a stonemason paused to rest from his hard work for a few minutes at the side of an enormous rock.  He saw a lord and his servants pass underneath the shade of the trees nearby.

When the stonemason saw this rich lord with all his luxuries and comfort, his work suddenly felt much harder.  "Oh, if only I were a rich man." he wondered.  "I would be so happy!"  Suddenly a voice answered from the mountain:  "Your wish shall become reality; a rich man you shall be!" 

When the stonemason returned home, he found a beautiful palace where his simple home had stood.  The poor man was overflowing with joy, and before long his old life was completely forgotten.  One day, when he was walking in the marketplace, he felt the sun burn on his face, and he wished he was as mighty as the sun itself;!  Immediately he became the sun.

As the sun, he felt all-powerful.  His light shone around the entire world and his rays beamed on kings and cobblers alike.  But before long, a cloud moved in front of him and obscured his light.  "What is this?" he wondered. 'A cloud is mightier than me!  Oh, how I wish I was a cloud.'

And a cloud he became.  He blocked the sun's beams, and for weeks he poured rain until the rivers overflowed their banks, and the villages were destroyed by the sheer power of the rain, but he noticed that only the great rock on the mountainside remained unmoved.  'What is this?' he cried.  'A rock is mightier than me!  Oh how I wish I were a rock.'

And the rock he became, and he gloried in the power.  Proudly he stood, and neither the heat of the sun nor the fo0rce of rain could move him.  'This is the best!' he said to himself.  But soon he heard a strange noise at his feet, and when he looked down he saw a stonemason breaking him up, piece by piece.  The he cried in his anger: 'Oh if only I were a stonemason!'

In that instant, he became the stonemason once again, and remained content as he was for the rest of his life.

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