Friday, February 17, 2012

Bulldog adopts wild boar piglets

A French bulldog has come to the rescue of six wild piglets found alone in the freezing cold in a forest near Berlin, after their mother was shot by a hunter.
The bulldog, called Baby, adopted the small wild boars and now cares for them like their mother. The abandoned animals were found by walkers in woodland a week ago. They brought them to a nearby animal sanctuary in Lehnitz, where Baby the bulldog lives. Baby has "motherly instincts" for many animals, Norbert Damm, a carer from Lehnitz animal sanctuary said. He added that the bulldog had been a surrogate mother already for cats, rabbits and even a racoon. "Baby is teaching the little ones so that they're not mischievious, and keeps them together a bit," said Mr Damm. The wild boars will stay with their surrogate mother at the sanctuary for three months and until they are released into a bigger enclosure. Source: The Telegraph

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