Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Having a Mindful Summer

Summer Slowdown

summer-flowerSummer is here. Soon kids are out of school, days are longer, sunnier, warmer.  For some, summer means “business as usual” while others- are preparing for slower days with the kids. Whether you are shuttling the kids to day camp or churning out weekly sales reports- I recommend you make some effort to take a deep breath and create your own mental and spiritual summer break through mindfulness. Here are four tips that you can easily adopt in the next coming months.

1. Keep a daily journal. Taking the time every night before bed, when the house is at its quietest- to write down your thoughts can be very therapeutic. It may feel odd putting pen to paper or channel memories of your diary full of pre-teen angst at first- but writing down our emotions and inner thoughts allows us to be introspective and develop our mindful selves. Best part is that journal writing before bed can help clear your head and offer nights of better rest.

2. Take off. Take your much deserved vacation. Whether you get on a plane and escape or take a trip to your local state park- disconnecting from your everyday routine is essential to keeping us balanced and happy. Force yourself to leave work at work for a few days or longer if you have that luxury- you will come back feeling renewed and refreshed. Simple as that.

3. Meditate. Give yourself 5 minutes every day. Find somewhere silent and comfortable where you can sit and simply focus on your breathing. Or take a walk outside in a beautiful garden or park. Focus on and feel the sensations of your footsteps. Or, focus on the smells and sounds of mother nature.

 4. Turn off. Turn off the TV, turn off your SmartPhone, turn off the lights. Spend warm summer nights with family or friends under the stars, in candle light and revel in a world without moving images, fiction, and constant communication. Grounding yourself is being mindful of your existence in the world around you- the natural world without electronics and the static.

So whether you are taking the summer off or not- try to adopt these steps starting today. It doesn’t hurt to try.
Remember that the path to a more mindful life starts with baby steps and this summer is good time to start taking them. Contact Mindfultime to take a class this summer. Our schedules are updated weekly, so visit our website often and we hope to see you this summer. Have a safe and mindful summer.

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