Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pebble Meditation

Be The Pebble

An anxious mind can be as turbulent as a raging river.  Thoughts arise with such intensity and frequency that they can produce feelings of panic, upset, and nausea.  Fortunately, there is a lifesaver that can transport us away from the raging waters to a place of peace and stillness beneath the waves.

To reach this protected and secure place, you need to find a word that you will use to act like a pebble that drops into and beneath the rolling water.  The word will carry you into the stillness below the surface of conscious thought.  It will let you rest in the bottom, unbothered by the wild waves above.  You can choose an word or a phrase to focus your attention beneath the surface of anxious thoughts.  The pebble's purpose is to distance you from the turbulence and settle you into the deep, still water, where you can see all around clearly.

After you've chosen a work, find a quiet place where you can sit.  You can use the following pebble meditation for a minute or longer if you want.;  Simply say your word mentally, in an easy, unforced way.  Watch thoughts that naturally occur as if they were shiny, interesting fish swimming past you.  Notice and continue to be present with your word. 

Suggestions of a word to use are:  One

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