Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ever come to end of your shower and can't remember whether you shampooed your hair or not? That's mindlessness. Mindlessness is what we do constantly and mindfulness is what we do rarely- We drive mindlessly, we eat mindlessly and we shower mindlessly. And multi-tasking is mindlessness times whatever number of things you are trying to do at one time.

Mindlessness runs rampant. We mindlessly listen to people while they talk. We mindlessly cook, we mindlessly exercise, we mindlessly mow the lawn, we mindlessly sew, we mindlessly brush our teeth and we mindlessly do almost any repetitive task. To put it simply, this is how we spend the vast majority of our time. And besides promoting accidents, encouraging mistakes and putting off friends and family, these mindless moments, which as you can see are pervasive, are all moments lost. You thought you were living your life but you weren't even there while you were doing it. Your mind was off somewhere else.

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