Friday, August 15, 2014

Mindful Activities

What was your favorite campfire song? Ghost story? Nature trail?

Find your path on our Soul-Full Scavenger Hunt!
Find your path on our Soul-Full Scavenger Hunt!

As a kid, camp was a break from the routine of school, a chance to be in a new, wild environment, an opportunity to make new friends, and space to learn totally new things you could never learn in a classroom.
As an adult, we don’t get to go to summer camp. We struggle for the elusive sweet spot of work/life balance. We strive to “be social” and feel like we never have enough time for ourselves.
Change that story!
You can make time for yourself and re-connect to that inner child.
Try this:
Go to YouTube and look up some of your favorite old songs. Turn it up loud and sing along! Do you remember the movements that go with?
Host an impromptu cook-out or patio party with the friends you always mean to call. Make it a potluck and encourage everyone to bring their favorite “camp” food. You can go all out kids style (ants on a log?) or go for the grown-up style (s’mores with gourmet chocolate – I just had some AMAZING ones with fair trade mint chocolate!)
Take a walk in nature and be inquisitive! Notice every plant, flower, tree, insect, bird. Live in the city? Find a park or a beach and open your senses as you look and listen to the natural world around you.

Go hiking, canoeing or kayaking.  Talk less and engage your senses more on the outing.

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