Monday, August 12, 2013

Scheduling Meditation into Your Day

Scheduling Meditation into Your Day

Schedule meditation into your day. Get out your calendar and write the time in for each day or every few days. While it may not motivate you to meditate, at least you won't have anything else to do at that moment (it's true—–check your schedule!).

Try meditating first thing in the morning or last thing at night. At these times, you will probably be least busy, so there will be a limited number of excuses. Moreover, early morning meditation may help you focus throughout the day, and late night meditation may help you sleep more deeply. Part of convincing yourself that you have the time is giving yourself the time when it's least likely to be interrupted by other people or tasks.

Injecting the Fun into Meditating

Make meditation enjoyable rather than a chore. Perhaps you could create a "meditation zone" in your house or play soothing music. For some people, meditation zones are untouchable areas that signal peace and "my space". You can even tell the rest of the household that this area is off bounds, at least during the times you wish to use it.

  • Use fragrance and light as part of the enjoyment. Scented candles, aromatherapy fragrance makers, low-key colored lights or pretty hanging lights can help to create an atmosphere that draws you to this area for "me time".
  • Try listening to your favorite music. If you can, wear headphones, as this makes the music more personal to you as you sit with your eyes closed.
  • Make sure you are comfortable while you are meditating. Full lotus position, for example, may look cool, but it may not be a comfortable position for you. If you are uncomfortable, you'll hardly be able to motivate yourself to practice meditation on a regular basis!
  • By making where you meditate a special place, in time you will be aware that the energy where you sit is far calmer, because it will be associated with calm, peace and reflection.
Put a little smile on your face to remind yourself to be happy. Smile with your heart, eyes and mind. If it doesn't go the way you want it to go, just laugh at how silly your mind is.
  • Smiling is self-fulfilling. It is well known that smiling helps you to feel better, so keep it up and your mood will turn more positive.Find a community. You may enjoy meditating with others more than sitting alone. It can also be a source of motivation knowing that friends or classmates are going to be present when you turn up.
  • Even if you prefer solitary meditation, you may be motivated by discussing meditation with a supportive friend that also meditates, exchanging insights and questions with each other

Focusing on What You Get Out of It

Continually remind yourself of the benefits of meditation. For example, one benefit for busy people is that meditation may help you remain more aware and focused, which will make all those tasks you have to perform much easier! As mentioned earlier, meditation can help you gain a better appreciation of time and learn to manage it better, causing you to feel less rushed and busy.

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