Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Benefits of Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises Benefits

Mindfulness exercises are becoming quite popular now because of the many benefits it has given those who have started integrating them into their lives. Mindfulness integrates meditation but has no religious aspect to it. Mindfulness exercises involve an awareness of the body’s breathing and senses to keep the mind focused on the current moment, letting go worries over the past and the future.

Common Mindfulness Exercises

As mentioned, meditation is part of mindfulness. Meditation involves sitting in a relaxed position and pushing away thoughts of worry or other concerns. Meditation involves focusing on the breath; paying attention to the sound and rhythm of the breathing from the stomach, not from the chest. Listening to music is also a great exercise for mindfulness. Soothing, slow music is preferable because of the need for tranquility. Believe it or not, cleaning the house can also be a mindfulness exercise. For cleaning to be an effective exercise, view it positively and focus on every aspect of what you are doing in that moment. This is the core of mindfulness,, to be deeply aware of everything in the moment of activity, to de-clutter the mind of things which have no use in that moment of your life.

Any Activity Can Be a Mindful One

Mindfulness exercises are not limited to the ones mentioned above. Practically any activity can be turned to a mindfulness exercise. The key is simply to focus on the task, even the most minute of movements, and to relive yourself of distractions from the past and future. Just focus on what you are facing in that moment.

Benefits Of Mindfulness

Several research studies have shown the positive effects of mindfulness on cognitive skills. But more than anything else, mindfulness has contributed massively to relieving stress-related problems, as documented by Jon Kobat-Zinn at the Stress Reduction Clinic.  Mindfulness has also been attributed to the treatment of illnesses when partnered with positive life style change.
Meditation alone helps a person gain a clearer perspective of things, which in turn creates increased optimism , contentedness and well-being. Sleep quality will also improve as a result of a more relaxed state of mind, and negative attitude issues will be pacified to make way for compassion and acceptance for better conflict response. With greater self-awareness, relationships naturally improve, and science is realizing the great impact of mindfulness on psychological health.

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