Wednesday, May 22, 2013

scattered thoughts

Aim high and making come in as a Vegetarian or following more closely the Pritikin idea of meat as condiment and not as a meal in itself or 5 days a week Vegan.

allowing mind to drift backwards and forwards thining of doing the past differently and worrying about all future things that don't happend.  I worried about a thousand things that never happended  
Mark Twain.


greed leading to abandonment of the golden rule due unto others as you would have them do unto you.  culminating in people like bernie madoff, a complete fraud who people choose to believe  will rodgers not the return on my money but the return of my money.

collective insanity of greed leading to bernie madoff scandal  The astronomical price of gold, now everyone is living in fear and greed that the next bubble is right around the corner.  Fear of inflation, losing what they have gained- almost nonexistant in the US>

greedy till they blew themselves up.  No one is innured to the toxicity of greed.

baby boomers guilty of sin, when do big, go really big, those that fought in ww11 to greeed and envy, swelled but didn't grow.  We thought nothing of pushing for more and more for ourselves.  Our inner voice, our career should be fun, shouldn't have to sacrifice, that is a SWEET car.

greed insecurity and envy  contented homemaker is what you have until the dumster moves in next door. talked about in the 50's and we have never gotten off the treadmill  Dumpster envy

90'a expanding consumption.

you can grow or swell.  Swelling sells your soul for money Grow is hard work and internal

Working stiffs, rich by anyones' definition except their own.
recommended reading bennet traditional values

Hal Urban 10 commandments

I just want to be famous for what?   Youtube, stupid human tricks.

de cluttering also means getting rid of people that are too much work

He who is not contented with what he has will not be contended with what he doesn't have.  - Socrates

science of creating wants where non existed before.

enough to satisfy the world's needs but not the world's greed.

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