Friday, April 5, 2013

Mediation by Jizo

May this serve as a safe and quiet place to experience Jizo and Chibi…
…by taking a moment to slow down and try stillness.

Notice your breath. Attaining a quiet mind is not the goal here. Just breathe.

For now, reading this page, let go of any notion of what meditation is.
…see your surroundings.  …feel your body.

Take a deep breath in and hold it for a moment and then sip in a little more breath…

Fill your lungs as full as you can… and smile as you breathe out slowly; slowly…

If you have the time, take a few more deep and cleansing breaths.

If you find that you can’t be still – or don’t want to be still -

Smile and give kind attention to your busy mind.

Notice it; be curious. Do not hate it. Do not try to love or accept it.

Then, listen to the sounds, outside. Listen to yourself, inside.

Sense a quiet moment, if it comes, maybe in between breaths. If not, do not worry.

There is no perfect path, there is only trying with compassion; without expectations.

Perhaps as you practice breathing you could wonder about Jizo, an enlightened teacher,
a bodhisattva, who dedicated all of eternity to helping those who suffer.
…and take another deep breath, smiling as you exhale out as much breath as you can.

If you are still antsy, notice where you are not anxious and gently try and move some of your focus to where you feel more grounded.

You might also be in touch with the Chibi inside you as you continue breathing deeply and evenly.

Consider the little people, or animals, you love …and breathe in at an even pace.

Throughout your day, try to remember to smile as you exhale.

…and if you cannot slow down now as you visit us then feel free to rush through our pages as fast as you need to.

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