Friday, April 5, 2013

Break Free from the Addiction to Negative Dramas

Learn to watch your drama unfold while at the same time knowing you are more than your drama.”
                                                        — Ram Dass


How to Break Free from Addiction To Negative Dramas?

  The Brain and Meditation


body brain feedback loop

The solution to stepping out of old dramas and thinking patterns lies in frontal lobe in your brain that can be activated with meditation.


  have often stated that people are addicted to the negative dramas/patterns in their lives and continue to recreate that reality. What this means is that you may be drawing similar relationships, similar clients, and similar crisis situations that your body is used to knowing as your state of being. 

Today, I found that the scientific explanation for that that lies in your brain. 

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza* the body prefers homeostasis and when the brain doesn’t produce the thoughts to recreate the dramas, the body goes into chaos and wants to return to the familiar state of being, even if it is uncomfortable. 

Unless your mind can disassociate from this hard wiring you will give in to old thinking patterns.

95% of our thinking is the same as yesterday.

Now I understand what Deepak Chopra means when he made the above statement. For the most part we are working on auto-pilot and we can come out of that by engaging the frontal lobe in our brain. This is where our self-awareness, creativity, and new learning reside. We can engage this part of the brain with the intention of change we want to see and then bringing attention to that intention.

But the question is how do we activate the frontal lobe? 

There are 400 billion bits of information per second being processed by the brain and only 2000 bits of information are processed by the conscious brain. 

In the absence of self awareness and activation of the frontal lobe the brain is concerned with survival and body needs. In such a state, most of the processing involves predicting the next moment based on past memories in order to survive and maintain homeostasis. But if we were able to slow down the survival thoughts we could choose to create a new reality to focus on. 

Through meditation one can activate the frontal lobe to focus on the new intention and thus choose to create new reality that the body recognizes as the new identity or state of being.

In order to activate the frontal lobe and create a new reality, you can learn to focus with a regular mindfulness practice. 

You can also activate the frontal lobe by engaging in new experiences and learning new things. Any activity that cannot be processed on auto pilot will require the frontal lobe and thus activate the frontal lobe. 

 And when you activate the frontal lobe, you will experience the following:
1)     Contemplation of new possibilities
2)     Clarity
3)     Focus
4)     Joy
5)     Usable skills
6)     Adaptability
7)     Learn from mistakes
8)     Ability to plan and take action
9)     Strengthened sense of self
10)   Discipline

In my meditation I can physically feel the top of my brain, which I now know is the frontal lobe, relax and experience silence from the chatter. 

That is when most of my creative ideas appear. I believe if we were given this education about our brain we would make more conscious choices and as parents we would be able to guide our children better. 

Not to mention work, when we can silence the inconsequential chatter, we can make space for new possibilities and creativity to manifest our focused intention of making a positive difference in this world..



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