Friday, January 25, 2013

Mindful Rainy Days

mindful moments

It's hard to find someone who doesn't love a sunny day. When it's warm out, and the air is clean, we can get outside of our homes and bask in the warmth and happiness of the sun.
It's harder to love a rainy day. But rainy days are inevitable, and the key to enjoying them is to embrace the opportunity to turn inward, and nurture the lives we lead in our homes.
Like the weather, we go through emotions of sunshine and rain. We can hope to always have sunny days...when hustle and bustle and happiness take us outside of ourselves.
But there are bound to be rainy days. And we can spend them wishing for the sun, or we can turn inward and nurture what we carry around all the time, deep within us. These are the places of introspection and truth. And when we're brave enough to face our own inner darkness and learn from it, we are ready to bloom even brighter when the sun comes out again.

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