Thursday, December 13, 2012

Everyday Mindfulness

What is happening right now? Right next to you? What thoughts are going through your mind? What waves of emotion are washing over you?
This is your life at this moment, so why not be 100% aware of it? And why not be aware of it all day long, every day?
We all know that the benefits of mindfulness include stress reduction, more harmonious relations with others and more efficient functioning in our life. But these are all abstract and therefore open to argument. The root of all these, and to me the best reason for being mindful, is that it connects us with That Which Is True. What is actually real right now. When we’re acting in relation to the big picture we have a much better time of it than when we’re unconsciously driven by the stories in our head.
We can’t decide to be wise, we can’t decide to have a spiritual revelation, but we can decide to be mindful. We can do it anywhere, anytime: turn away from Storyland, from all the thoughts and emotions crowding your mind, and tune in to your surroundings. Right in the midst of this not-so-special moment you are immediately mindful, and this mundane moment is suddenly very special.

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