Monday, November 26, 2012

Zen Garden ♫✿ - YouTube

ZEN GARDEN ~ Since ancient times the garden has been a place of meditation, stress release and contemplation. Now more than ever, the garden can help you find balance and peace. Enchanting and beautiful to look at JAPANESE GARDENS have a particular allure all of their own... designed to stimulate contemplation of the world and nature of life. Here is a perfect example of a classical JAPANESE GARDEN.... it has trees, plants, rocks, water, ponds, lakes, moss, lanterns, pagodas, bridges, exquisite buildings and even magnificent borrowed scenery ....

"The flower turns vermillion as the rain comes and goes
The willow finds it's lushness as the strong wind blows... A bright future will always follow the suffering days. The more one overcomes life's difficulties... the more your spiritual charter grows ~This is the spirit of Zen".... In a certain sense... Zen is feeling life instead of feeling something about life.

☸ڿڰۣ Spring flowers, autumn moon, summer breeze, winter snow ~ When the mind is free from unnecessary thoughts ~ Every season is perfect. ☸ڿڰۣ


100 Zen garden scenery with music by Gerald Jay Markoe from the album "Zen meditation" - harp, flute, sacred Tibetan crystal bowls, gongs, synthesizers and the sounds of nature. The perfect movie for relaxation, meditation, contemplation, balance and harmony of nature.

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Zen Garden ♫✿ - YouTube

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