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Book Description

August 22, 2003
Pearl in the Rice brings the essential transforming power of the Vietnamese fable to life. These beautiful stories all have a sacred theme and speak to us in spiritual ways. How do we overcome greed? What is the meaning of real beauty, and how it is discovered? Do we need to continue with unhealthy behaviors that have been in our family for years? Is true friendship about giving what is requested, or what is needed? Are we prepared to make the necessary changes in our life to discover true happiness? All these questions are answered in these delightful stories. Through these stories, we realize the Pearl, or wisdom, is always waiting to be revealed in the everyday, ordinary events of life,i.e., the Rice. This book honnors the genuine beauty of spirituality passed on from an ancient culture in another time to us-the spiritual seekers of today. Discover Pearl in the Rice.

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