Thursday, November 15, 2012

In praise of being a vegetarian

Being a vegetarian can carry with it an oppressive aura of smugness, as each day being a carnivore gets a bit more like smoking – an act that is not only self-destructive but damaging the rest of the world too.

As the US grain plains swelter under an unrelenting sun, and fresh water becomes a declining resource, another slew of reports warns of the impending crisis in food production – all those acres devoted to growing thirsty corn and soya just to make more hamburgers.

Going veggie is the only sane response. But meat production is only one of the sources of global food insecurity.

The real case for going veggie is that being vegetarian has never been easier, tastier or more varied. It needn't have anything to do with drought or famine, nor with animal welfare nor even the myriad benefits it confers.

Famous vegetarians like Gandhi, Einstein and Plutarch can't all be wrong, or at least not about the same thing.

As the ad used to say, it tastes good and it does you good.

In praise of … going veggie | Comment is free | The Guardian

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