Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More on Labyrinths

Handcrafted Labyrinths
Beautifully handcrafted lap labyrinths, designed and created exclusively for Stress Resources

After routing the paths, carving tools are used to smooth and deepen the grooves
Here is a novel ideal, based on the labyrinth concept. These beautiful, functional, and portable meditation tools are designed and produced for Stress Resources.  Each labyrinth is unique, respecting the natural qualities of the wood; no two are identical.  Creating a labyrinth of this beauty requires numerous hours and multiple steps to produce. Here are some of the steps involved in the creation of each labyrinth.  Instead of traveling to another country to walk a labyrinth, you could have one in your home and use it as a meditation/relaxing tool.  Could also be make out of clay if there is a 'potter' in the family.

Next each labyrinth is hand sanded and then finished with a durable satin finish

Finished Stress Resources' Lap Labyrinth

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