Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walking is man's best medicine. - Hippocrates

Toronto doctor's 'magic pill' goes viral - Toronto - CBC News:
CBC News
Posted: Jan 11, 2012

An illustrated video with a simple message about health has received more than a million hits on YouTube, much to the delight of the Toronto doctor who created it.
"My bankability with teenagers has increased significantly," Dr. Mike Evans told CBC News on Wednesday.

Evans is a doctor at St. Michael's Hospital and professor at the University of Toronto. People all over the world are linking to his month-old video from Facebook and Twitter.

Evans says his message — to complete a half-hour of exercise every day — is like a magic pill to cure aches and pains.

"I've got a pill that's going to help with your arthritis, help with your depression, help with your anxiety, help with your obesity, help prevent cancer," he said.

The video cites studies from the world, including research that shows even overweight people have fewer health problems when active.

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