Saturday, January 28, 2012


1,  Don Miguel Ruiz shares centuries of Toltec wisdom in his book The Four Agreements. To apply this wisdom, choose to create these profound agreements with yourself:

2.  Be impeccable with your word. Carefully examine what you tell yourself, what you tell others, and when you decide to speak. Use your word consistently to express and strengthen your values. Don't employ or overlook factual errors, fallacies or, distortions during communications. Express yourself authentically. Earn trust. Do what you say.

3.  Don't take anything personally. It's not all about you. Reject the fallacy of personalization. Rely confidently on your own well-founded self-concept; it is the only evaluation of your worth that matters. Challenge and balance your first-person viewpoint.

4.  Don't make assumptions. Suspend judgment. Readily acknowledge what you don't know and have the courage to ask questions. Carefully examine the evidence. Don't attribute intent to others. Retain a healthy skepticism as you avoid cynicism. Develop, refine, and constantly apply your own well-founded theory of knowledge.

5.  Always do your best. Do all you can while you recognize you can't do it all. All you can do is all you can do. When you have truly done your best, there is no reason for shame. It's ok to goof off if you do your best when it matters the most. Apply your time and effort toward your well-chosen and enduring goals.

When you understand and accept these agreements you can begin the hard work of transformation; the journey toward your authentic self. Question your own long-held answers. Carefully examine each of your values, beliefs, goals, judgments, and rules and decide if they are consistent with the four agreements. Reject those that are not consistent and adopt new values, goals, beliefs, and rules that support all four agreements. Eliminate your introjected regulations. Integrate these four agreements into your theory of knowledge. Constantly reprogram yourself until you can consistently keep the four agreements.

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