Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Walking while breathing mindfully can refresh our minds and bodies. We walk in order to walk. Arriving at a geographical destination is the secondary purpose of the walk. The destination we are moving towards in our very purposeful manner is the “Now”. In Walking Meditation, body awareness develops as we coordinate our steps and breaths. As we become more practiced our posture can give us information about our body stress. Where bodily stress has been noted it can be addressed and alleviated. With practice, mindful walking can become a smooth flowing of inter-connected movements. As the harmony between our breathing and steps improves, the harmonious relationship of body and mind will develop. Thich Nhat Hanh once talked of walking meditation as a book with pages stitched together with a thread of mindfulness. Each step is precious. We can look upon our daily life in a similar way, living one step at a time. In this way we are able to live in the present. If our breathing and steps are not synchronized, we may need to take shorter steps.

“Our life is our message.”

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