Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Being Thoughtful

Nourish your Spirit with Stillness
Nourish your Mind with Knowledge
Nourish your Heart with Unconditional Love
Nourish your Body with Living Food
Nourish your Relationships with Thoughtfulness
~ Tim Ong
thoughtfulKind, caring, considerate behaviors stem from thoughtfulness; being thoughtful grows out of conscious awareness and compassion. To be thoughtful doesn’t mean twisting and bending out of alignment to meet others’ needs. When we are centeredand balanced we are naturally thoughtful to ourselves as well as others.
With conscious awareness of our impact on the world, we consider the ripple effect of our words and actions. We are also considerate towards ourselves - our mental, physical and emotional needs. We express care and concern to loved ones and the environment. Extending a kind thought or gesture, knowing it will brighten another’s day, becomes the norm.
Being thoughtful involves letting go of self-preoccupation, over busyness, and compulsive reactivity in order to be aware of how our lives intertwine with others. It takes us out of isolation and far from codependence into a balanced state of interdependence. We know on a deep level that we are all filled with the same spiritual essence. What we offer others is what we give to ourselves.

by Gini Grey, Transformational Coach

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