Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mindful Goal-Setting for the New Year 2011
Goal Setting
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With New Year’s just around the corner, it’s time to start working on those resolutions. You know – your New Year’s resolutions that you’ll do for about three weeks before finding them inconvenient and forgetting about them. Yeah. It happens to the best of us. But for this year, let’s look at setting goals with a stronger spiritual awareness around them. With spirituality, you are working to resolve things at their root cause.
So many New Year’s resolutions fail because they’re only working on the superficial levels. Your goal may be to lose 50 pounds, but if you don’t understand why you eat the way you do and what really needs to be healed, you’ll fail again and again at that goal. It’s not because of lack of determination in many respects; it’s about lack of understanding and awareness.
So with this article, let’s work on growing your awareness, finding goals that you can achieve, and building off of those successes.
Be More Mindful with Your Food
sunrise2 Mindful Goal Setting for the New Year 2011
Dieting and weight loss are HUGELY popular New Year’s resolutions. But changing your diet without changing your mindset is ultimately pretty futile. Either that or the changes you get are temporary. Instead of trying to fit your body’s nutritional needs to someone else’s dietary structure, how about learning about what your body actually needs?
Start with this simple goal: Take one meal a day to be mindful of your food. That means eating slowly. Really savor the flavors. After eating, see how your body feels. Repeat this every day. You may start to be surprised at what foods are making you feel good and what don’t make you feel good. This alone will start to shift your relationship to your food and may create a natural weight-loss program according to what your body truly needs.
Take Up a New Exercise That’s Fun

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