Thursday, December 1, 2011


Often when we hear people speak about meditation, we hear about wisdom, we hear about knowledge.  But what actually, is the effect, what's the use, of wisdom or knowledge?

When you understand mind, you're not at its mercy. When you don"t understand you're lost in the midst of it. It's the difference between being in bondage between wisdom and liberated by it. There is a difference between wisdom and knowledge. We experience a moment of understanding and say, "Ah, that's how it is!. Then think "Now how did that happen?" and perhaps later try to explain to others how it was. Th experience of understanding is wisdom, but trying to capture that understanding to convey it in works is knowledge. We all have knowledge. We can all convey a lot of very far-out ideas. But if wisdom does not precede the "knowledge", then knowledge is secondhand another's understanding, and lacks, depth. That is why two people can use the same language to convey an idea. But one's words
will penetrate deeply into our hearts while another's will will just ricochet around in the mind.
Stephen Levine, A Gradual Awakening.

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