Thursday, December 22, 2011

Haiku Poetry

BASHO,  The Old Pond Haiku Translations:

The old pond,
A frog jumps in
(translated by Alan Watts)
The old pond
A frog jumped in,
(translated by Allen Ginsberg)

The old pond-
A frog leaps in,
And a splash.
(translated by Makoto Ueda)

The quiet pond
A frog leaps in,
The sound of the water.
(translated by Edward Seidensticker)

A frog jumping
Into the stillness.
Of an ancient pond.
(translated by Dorothy Briton)

   Gloom gathers and weighs
   ominously overhead;
   run to safety, now!

butterfly pictures, butterflies picture
                                                            The butterflies dance
                                                            Brilliant colors of rainbows,
                                                            Rippling like water

In the garden
The old man dances
Behind the butterflies

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