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DIY: Eat Your Heart Out This Thanksgiving By Being Mindful | The Minaret

DIY: Eat Your Heart Out This Thanksgiving By Being Mindful | The Minaret:

It’s supposedly better for your health because when you eat smaller portions slowly, only a small amount of food is going into your stomach, and you get to savor the taste.

This technique allegedly helps lower stress, and can even help you lose weight. According to, which is The Center for Mindful Eating’s official website, mindful eating has “the powerful potential to transform people’s relationship to food and eating, to improve overall health, body image, relationships and self-esteem.” All you have to do focus on the food in your mouth by eating it slowly.

According to, eating slowly has many health benefits. When you eat slowly, you consume less calories. It takes 20 minutes for us to realize that we are full, so eating slowly can help us reach that point.

Eating fast can cause us to overeat, and we may end up eating past our full point. This goes for any food that we eat. Of course eating healthier foods is better for our bodies nutritionally, but eating anything slowly can help us lose weight. Also, you have to factor in exercise, otherwise you may just end up putting on more weight instead of losing it.

As you eat slowly, you tend to savor your food more, so you enjoy the experience of eating more. By paying close attention to the texture and the flavor of the food in your mouth, you “cultivate the possibility of freeing yourself of reactive, habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting (” Basically, you release yourself from your normal habit of hastily eating all of your meals, especially when you’re under many stressful conditions.

Chewing slowly is great for the digestive process. By chewing your food thoroughly, it makes the food easier to pass through your stomach.

The digestion of starches and fats starts in the mouth. The breaking down of the food particles will now be easier for your stomach to handle since they’ve already been partially broken down by your saliva, and the small particles will easily pass through the intestines. This is a nice technique to use to avoid those embarrassing gassy moments.

The final reason why mindful eating is so powerful is because it helps lowers stress. My father has a very stressful job, and by eating mindfully, he is able to fully relax and enjoy himself.

In a way, it’s sort of like meditation, but you’re eating instead of chanting with your eyes closed. Being in the moment of enjoying your meal can help you relax more, rather than rushing through it.

So be sure take some time to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast rather than stuffing your face with everything you see. You’ll enjoy your weekend more without that painful stomach ache.

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